05 October 2015

New Special Cover


Mission Devrai (Sacred Groves) – 3rd October 2015


A Special Cover was released on ‘Mission Devrai’ by Shri Ganesh Sawaleshwarkar, Postmaster General, Pune Region (Special Cover approval no. MH/28/2015) at the function held at S. M. Joshi Auditorium, Navi Peth, Pune on 3rd October 2015.

Sacred Groves (Devrai in Marathi) are virgin forests near the village, maintained and taken care of by locals of that village, dedicated to a local deity. There is no human intervention making these perfect ecological hotspots. No one is permitted to cut any tree or plant, kill animals or birds or harm any form of life in this area. It is well known that villagers around forest depend on the forest for their livelihood. When a certain area is identified as scared grove by villagers, they ensure that the area is not disturbed by them. Sacred Groves turns the area into a dense forest with rich bio-diversity, which remains untouched. Sacred groves are not only an Indian phenomenon.


Nature worship is an integral part of human society and the Sacred Groves, one form of nature worship, are considered as “Sacred Natural Sites” and have been preserved over generations in India. The concept of sacred groves in India has its roots in antiquity, even before the Vedic age. Historical references to sacred groves can be obtained from ancient classics as far back as Kalidasa's Vikramuurvashiiya. One can find them in Africa, or even native Indian communities in North American countries. Sacred groves did not enjoy protection by Government in India but the introduction of the protected area category community reserves under the Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Act, 2002 has introduced legislation for providing government protection to community held lands, which could include sacred groves. In the state of Maharashtra more than 3,500 Devrais, or the Sacred Groves are known. There are around 230 such sacred groves noted in Pune district. As faith and beliefs change these protected groves have started showing signs of deteriorations. The rapid urbanization is posing great threats to these community reserves.

To protect these sacred groves in Maharashtra, Maharashtra Vruksha Samvardhini has started a project called ‘Mission Devrai’ for documentation and conservation of these Devrais which are an important part of our heritage, cultural as well as ecological. To spread awareness about sacred groves a unique festival called ‘Devrai Jagruti Festival’ was organized by Maharashtra Vruksha Samvardhini and Nature Walk Charitable Trust from 1st to 4th October 2015 and as a part of festival an exhibition of Sacred Groves was organized at Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune and an awareness program at S. M. Joshi Auditorium, Navi Peth, Pune on 3rd and 4th October 2015.

Courtesy – Indian Philately Digest

Club News


Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations


At Gandhi Bhawan, Punjab University, Chandigarh; various programmes were organised from 23 September to 2 October 2015. These included painting competitions, lectures, showing movies Dharti ke Lal, Gandhi. A philatelic display was put up for ten days by Chandigarh Philatelic Club and India Post on ‘Gandhi’ which was centre of attraction in the entrance hall to the venue. Sh A. C. Bhardwaj organised the display. Col Suresh Bagga, Sh Mohinder Singh and Sh Vipin Thakur put up their best displays on the theme. ‘Mahatma Gandhi and Women Empowerment’ put by Col Suresh Bagga was highly appreciated being most relevant in the present times. Department of Ghandhian & Peace Studies honoured the philatelist on the concluding day.

- Col Suresh Bagga, Chandigarh

04 October 2015

Stories from the Great War…



To be issued on  : 11 November 2015

First World War is one of the most tragic events that involved countries from around the world. This war is always a popular them for various stamp issues produced by different Postal Services annually. This stamp release is the second set of Guernsey Post‘s philatelic products that commemorate the centenary of The First World War.

This is the most beautiful set of stamps issued so far to commemorate the Centenary of World War I,. The selection of the stamp designs is superb and the designers of this set need a great applause from the  Stamp Lovers.  I am very pleased to share the details about these new stamps to be issued by Guernsey Post on 11th November 2015.

This second issue of stamps commemorating the First World War looks at the huge contribution that the General Post Office (GPO) made, with a particular focus on the Bailiwick.

Bridget Yabsley, acting head of philatelic at Guernsey Post, said: ‒ “Of the 250,000 employees of the General Post Office (GPO) in July 1914, 75,000 workers bravely put themselves forward and made an enormous contribution during the Great War in the years that followed. Records show that 43 of these men came from the Guernsey Post Office”.

The stamps

The 42 pence stamp depicts Philip Carré, a postman in Sark when war broke out and who subsequently joined the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry (RGLI). He returned to Sark and his role as the island’s postman when the Regiment was demobilised in February 1919 and was awarded the Coronation long-service medal in 1953.


The post was dispatched daily across the English Channel on mail boats to be distributed by The Royal Engineers (Postal Section) or REPS from Field Post Offices. One of the mail boats that went between Guernsey and England during this time was the SS ‘Vera’ (56p), who provided a vital link for islanders.


As well as joining other regiments, 12,000 post office workers enlisted in The Post Office Rifles, the 8th Battalion City of London Regiment, including Privates JG Fowler, AW Smith, LW Burridge, HF Taylor and RF De Garis, all young postmen from the Bailiwick (62 pence stamp). Lawrence Burridge was killed in May 1916, aged 23. Albert Smith died from gunshot wounds in December 1917, aged 25. The fate of the other three Guernseymen is not recorded.



Letters and greetings also returned to the islands, as depicted on the 57 pence stamp by a card sent home to Guernsey by Lieutenant Peter Le Page of the Royal Army Medical Corps.


The troops did not have time to write lengthy letters and pre-printed Field Service Post Cards replaced lengthy letters during the War. Soldiers referred to them as ‘whizz bangs’ ‒ their nickname for the small German artillery shells – because they got through the censors so quickly.

The whizz bang depicted in the 68 pence stamp was sent to the sweetheart of Guernseyman Private Yves Cataroche, who also featured in Guernsey Post’s first issue on the 41p stamp.



Captured on the 77p stamp are postman Robert, who joined the RGLI, and postmistress Ethel Bynam, who married after the War in 1922. The position of the Edward VII penny stamp signifies ‘longing to see you again’. Their grandson, Dave Bynam, followed in their footsteps and continues to work at the Guernsey Post office.

Mrs Yabsley said: ‒ “Our stamp issue is testament to the untiring work of the Post Office workers, who made an enormous, positive difference to those at the Western Front and also the Home Front.

“It also reveals stories of unwavering bravery and support shown by the people of the Bailiwick who served during the Great War”.

The six stamps and prestige booklet will be released on Remembrance Day, which in many countries is observed on 11 November to recall the end of hostilities of World War I on that date in 1918.

The First Set of World War I



03 October 2015

New Special Covers


"Integral Coach Factory - Diamond Jubilee" - 2 October 2015


:  S. Vijayakumar, Chennai email : vijay.philatelist@gmail.com

Special cover issued on Jain saint
- Sudhir Jain


On the occasion of 10th Swargarohan Anniversary of Jain Saint Pujya Jayanand Muni Maharaj, a special cover was issued at Jaipur on 30th September 2015. Release function was organised at Mohanbadi, Galta Gate,  Jaipur in the auspicious presence of Pujya Maitryprabh Sagar ji Maharaj. Mr. J. M. Dhor, President,  Jaipur Philatelic Society was instrumental in release of this special cover and special cancellation.


02 October 2015

Club News



Rainbow Stamp News October 2015

Title Oct 15

Hi !

I am pleased to release October 2015 Issue of Rainbow Stamp News. It is available at following links.


http://rainbowstampclub.blogspot.in/    ( Indian Readers )

http://rainbowstampclub.blogspot.com/      ( Overseas Readers )

2 October - International Day of Non-Violence



The International Day of Non-Violence is marked on 2 October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence.

Philatelic Tributes to the Father of Nation



Gandhi Ji and three Monkeys


Gandhi'jis "Three Wise Monkeys" were named Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru and are originally Japanese macaques, a common species in Japan....

Courtesy - Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

Read special article on Gandhi Ji’s three Monkeys in Rainbow October 2015


01 October 2015

New stamp from India


Mahant Avaidyanath


Date of Issue - 1 October 2015

India Post issued today a commemorative stamp on Mahant  Avaidyanath. The Union Minister for Communications & Information Technology, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad released the Commemorative Stamp on Mahant  Avaidyanath at a function held at Gorakhpur this morning.





Courtesy – Ashwani Dubey, Gorakhpur





Courtesy - Sandeep Chaurasia – Gorakhpur

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