26 May 2016

New stamp from India

Swami Chidananda

Date of Issue : 21 May 2016

A commemorative Stamp on Yogi and Spiritual leader, Swami Chidananda was released on the occasion of his birth centenary year at Divine Life Society (Sivanand Ashram), Rishikesh on 21st May 2016 by The Governor of Uttarakhand Dr. KK Paul. Chidananda Saraswati (b. September 24, 1916 – d. August 28, 2008) was President of the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh. 

Club News

Independence Day 2016 - Stamp Design Competition

India Post has organized Stamp Design Competition on the theme of ‘Tourism in India’ for the stamp(s) to be released on Independence Day 2016.

Terms and Conditions to participate in “Independence Day 2016- Stamp Design Competition” are as follows:
  1. Entries are invited for ‘Independence Day 2016- Stamp Design Competition’. The theme of the competition is ‘Tourism in India’. The participants are to make an original design on this subject (should not be copy of picture painted by someone else).
  2. Any citizen of India can participate in this contest. The design could be in ink, water, colour, oil colour or any other medium (Computer printed/ printout will not be allowed). The design submitted should be such that can be depicted on the stamps in a visually appealing manner so as to be of interest to philatelic collectors.
  3. Participants are free to use drawing paper, art paper or any other type of white paper of A4 size.
  4. The following particulars should be written legibly on the reverse of the design:
    1. Name of the Participant*
    2. Age*
    3. Gender
    4. Nationality*
    5. Full and complete residential address with Pin Code*
    6. Phone / Mobile Number*
    7. Email ID (If available)
    * The fields are mandatory.
  5. An undertaking stating that ‘The artwork submitted is original and no copyright issues are involved’ should be sent along with the entry. In case of any legal dispute related to copyright issue, Department of Posts will not be liable for the same.
  6. The design should be sent through “Speed Post” only, in A4 size envelope. The participants should mention “Independence Day 2016 - Stamp Design Competition” on the envelope in which the drawing is sent.
  7. The prize winning designs will be considered for use on stamps and other philatelic material. The prize money will be as follows:-
    • First prize: Rs. 10,000
    • Second prize: Rs. 6,000
    • Third prize: Rs. 4,000
The entries should reach on following address by 31.05.2016. The entries received after last date of receipt will not be entertained. 
To, ADG (Philately)
Room No. 108(B), 
Dak Bhawan, 
Parliament Street, 
New Delhi-110001

24 May 2016

My recent Covers....

Cover from Germany

Thanks to Mr Wolfgang Beyer, Germany

Postcard  from Croatia

Thanks to Zeljko Vasilik, Croatia

Cover from Russia

Thanks to Mr EN Limanski, Moscow - Russia

Good luck to the German couple !!

Wedding Shoes

Date of Issue : 2 May 2016

The wedding is the happiest day in the life of two lovers. You say "yes" to each other. The future life is now being followed together. These must be congratulated diligently. Whether via handwritten letter or prefabricated card remains entirely up. It is important to wish the newlyweds all the best for the future together. Here is a beautiful stamp issued by German Post for the Wedding Invitation Cards and Congratulatory messages.
The Bride's shoes has always been considered the way for good luck. A well-known custom dictates: One should accumulate until the wedding so many cents, that one of the bridal shoes can be bought. According to legend, the savings will be rewarded in marriage: It has never worry about money and a lot of luck! During the wedding ceremony, it is customary for the bridal shoe is stolen and auctioned. The proceeds go to the bridal couple. He usually benefits the honeymoon. From where the newlyweds like to write postcards.

Germany has many unique wedding traditions and customs that are different for those of other European countries. To describe the uniqueness of this unique event in each person‘s life Germany Post has introduced to the stamp enthusiasts attention a special occasion stamp that boasts with its original design
A traditional wedding in Germany lasts three days, but not necessarily consecutive days. On the first day the couple is married by the justice of peace, or as in Germany called “Standesbeamte”. This is because in Germany it is not legal to marry “only” in a church ceremony. The civil ceremony takes place one week or one day before the church ceremony, and only the couple’s closest family members and friends in attendance.
On the second day there is a big, informal party called the Polterabend ‒ “the evening with lots of broken porcelain”. Friends and relatives bring old porcelain and kitchenware to smash in front of the bride and groom. The broken pieces are thought to grant them a happy, lucky life. “The German proverb ‒ ‘Scherben bringen Gluck’ ‒ which can be translated as ‘Broken crockery brings you luck’, is derived from this custom”.
On the third day the religious ceremony and reception takes place. Since the bride and groom are already married by law, they usually enter the church together and walk down the aisle together. The bride typically wears a white gown without a train. The bride often carries salt and bread as an omen of good harvest. The groom typically wears a black tuxedo and carries grain for good luck and wealth.
Let’s dive in the German world of wedding celebration with its special festive stamp by German Post!

20 May 2016

New Special Cover

INHS Jeevanti

Department of Posts, Maharshtra Postal Circle released a Special cover on 15th April 2016 on the momentous occasion of 50 Glorious Years of service to the nation - INHS Jeevanti - Indian Naval Hospital Ship in Patient Care at AP Dabolim

- Sreejesh Krishnan - Trivandrum email : sreejesh.nt@gmail.com

New pictorial cancellation from Germany

On June 2nd 2016, 
a new pictorial postmark  will be issued  in 83209 PRIEN. The postmark  features a Chamois(Rupicapra rupicapra), a Marmot (Marmota marmota) and two alpine flowers.

On June 26th, 2016 
 another new pictorial postmark will be issued in 53909 ZÜLPICH. The postmark features a Peregrin Falcon (Falco peregrinus) and a rock formation. 

Interested philatelists may please contact Mr.Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German
Philatelic Collector Group ArGe Zoologie. Mail: Wolfgang.beyer1@aol.de . Postage rates: 0,90 Euro AIRMAIL, 3,40 Euro registered

Think Green stamp from Latvia

Date of Issue : 9 May 2016

Here is a new "Think Green" Issue from Latvia . The first stamp in this issue features  the common design of Europa 2016 theme. . The squirrel depicted on the second stamp is a symbol that calls for supporting waste sorting and recycling.

The originator of Europa postage stamps is PostEurop Association, and stamps with a single logo and a common theme in this series have been issued throughout Europe since 1994. In previous years, the themes of Europa postage stamps were related to literature, natural attractions, travel, postal transport and old toys.

19 May 2016

Ramayan theme on Joint Stamp Issue of Thailand and Indonesia

To celebrate 66th anniversary of Diplomatic Relationship between Indonesia and Thailand, both the countries issued stamps on 5th May 2016 featuring common cultural Roots between them.  The Ramayana epic, the,ancient literature inherited from India,is chosen as the theme. In Thailand, the epic is known as "Ramkien", The main story of Khon performance, while Indonesia has adopted it for the shadow puppet show Wayang. The Thai stamp design is from Mural paintings of Emerald Buddha Temple,while Indonesian stamp illustrates the canvas paintings of Kamesan. Indonesia issued self adhesive stamps, a souvenir sheet and a hologram S/S.

- Leeza Padhi - Cuttack - email : leezapadhi@gmail.com

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